Combi Panel

Koelcellenbouw Nederland is now presenting the first composite system in Turkey with rockwool insulation and membrane which is fast and easy.
Generally at flat roofs where rock wool is chosen as insulation material, combined roofing applications are used widely. Upon the
surface created by corrugated sheet layers, vapour barrier and rockwool insulation layers are used under water isolation membranes. For the application and maintenance of this system, a rock wool insulation layer with minimum 150 kg / m3 density has to used in order to resist live loads. This makes the application expensive, difficult and takes long time.


Combi Panel can solve all these problems at once. Koelcellenbouw Nederland started the
production of “Rock wool Insulated Panels with Membrane” at continuous
processing line. With the use of this product, layer application stages
in combined roofing systems are eliminated, thus providing savings in
material, workmanship and time.

The spaces under corrugation in Combi Panels are filled with rock wool,
unlike combined roofing applications where these spaces are left empty.
The advantages of this system of Combi Panels is that, during fire the
hot gasses will not be collected in these empty spaces and rate of fire
expansion will be slowed down (according to DIN V 18234-3). In addition
the sound insulation values are improved.

The durable polyurethane layer on top, which resists live loads, provides
the workspace for workers and protects the fragile rock wool from chipping
or breaking apart during transportation.

Additional use of screws to attach membranes to panels are also eliminated,
panels are simply attached to the purlins or to the structures according to
panel application specifications.

* This product is protected through German Utility Patent No: DE 20012 182.0, European
Patent Application No: 01107885.5 and International Patent Application No:
PCT/EP01/07979 according to related national and international regulatory laws.

Panel Construction

Interior Side

Exterior Side

Insulation Core


SPÇ 940
h=75-100 mm
Boy: Minimum – 800 mm,
Maksimum – Transportation limit

Panel Joint